The Ingleson Group

The research group is headed by Professor Mike Ingleson based in the School of Chemistry at the University of Edinburgh

The research group is focused on using complexes based on earth abundant main group elements and 3d metals to develop new catalytic reactions, organic materials and stoichiometric transformations with a particular focus on C-Y (Y = C or B) bond forming reactions. We have a particular interest in all things boron!

Latest Publication

Borylation Directed Borylation of Indoles Using Pyrazabole Electrophiles: A One-Pot Route to C7-Borylated-Indolines.

Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 2022, ASAP

J. Pahl, E. Noone, M. Uzelac, K. Yuan and M. J. Ingleson*


Recent News

July 2022 - JOB HATRICK! Congrats to Marina for being awarded a Royal Society URF, to Kang for his academic post in Ningbo and to Sven for his job at Umicore! Amazing news, 3 great team members who it has been a pleasure to work with over the last 3-4 years. You'll be sorely missed, but time to move onto new and exciting things.

June 2022 - MJI delivers research talks (in person!) at St. Andrews (great chat with EastChem colleagues) and actually at an inperson conference, BORAM XVII at Virginia Tech, very enjoyable conference on my favourite element!

June 2022 - the group's work on borylation directed borylation is out now in Angew. Chem. Int. Ed as a VIP paper. Great work all!! See link here.

May 2022 - congrats to Nojus on two prizes!! One poster and one for best oral (the latter up at Firbush in the Organic section away day). Great stuff! 

March 2022 - Our Chem. Sci. on boranes as fluoride phase transfer catalysts has been highlighted in Chemistry World! See link here

Feb 2022 - Congrats to Nojus on the publication of his first paper. The collaboration with the Thomas group on S-cation based FLPs for C-S bond formation is out now - link here

Feb 2022 - Our 2nd Chemical Science this year! Massive effort from Sven Kirschner et al. on developing simple organoboranes as CsF phase transfer/nucleophilic fluorination catalysts. Link to the paper is here

Jan 2022 - A full paper on HNTf2 mediated C-H borylation to access BN helicenes (and other molecules) is out now in Chemical Science (open access). Top work all! Link to the paper is here

Jan 2022 - welcome to Dr. Clement Millet who joins the group and will be working on diboron cations for unusual electrophilic borylation reactions.

Dec. 2021 - enjoyable group curry, with the Irn Bhuna and someone's v. happy face at discovering this uniquely flavoured meal the clear highlight!

Sept. 2021 - Well done to Marina (and Kang and Gary), our work on hydrido-zincates is published in Dalton Trans. This is also my 100th paper, 20 years on since I was naive UG working in the Weller group! Link to Marina's open access paper is here

August 2021 - a group social in person - such a welcome change! Hope everyone enjoyed Axe throwing and curry! I did. Photos on group page!

May 2021 - the group's work on zinc catalysed arene borylation is published in Chemical Science. Congrats to Matt in particular on his first paper! It's available open access here.