The Ingleson Group

The research group is headed by Professor Mike Ingleson and is based in the School of Chemistry at the University of Edinburgh

The research group is focused on using complexes based on earth abundant main group elements and 3d metals to develop new catalytic reactions, organic materials and stoichiometric transformations with a particular focus on C-B bond forming reactions. We have a particular interest in all things boron, spanning fundamental "esoteric" boron compounds, through to "applied" organoboron compounds e.g. intermediates for synthesis, emissive materials and APIs!

Latest Publication

Transition Metal-Free Catalytic C−H Zincation and Alumination

Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 2024 anie.202404848


Recent News

April 2024. The group's work on borylation directed borylation is highlighted in OPRD, nice to see industrial chemists are interested! See here for more. 

April 2024. The groups latest work (in collaboration with Macgregor, Thomas, Cowley and Dominey) on catalytic C-H zincation and alumination is accepted in Angew. Chem! Massive effort from Milan, Justyna et al. See here for the paper

March 2024. Congrats. to Dr. Emily Noone for passing her PhD. viva - well deserved! Much celebrations had, though too many tequilas... Thanks to Prof. Stephen Thomas and Dr Meera Mehta for their time and effort as examiners.

Feb. 2024. Congratulations to Shantaram for the award of a MSCA fellowship mentored by myself and Eli Zysman-Colman

Dec. 2023. Well done to Shantaram and the team for their work on borylation reduction borylation as a route to form dibenzofused 1,4-azaborines being published in Org. Lett. It's available open access here.

Dec. 2023. Welcome to Arnaud Osi who starts as a PDRA in the group working on making B containing organic materials in collaboration with Prof. Neil McKeown and Prof. Eli Zysman-Colman

Nov. 2023. A collaborative paper with the Garden group led by Jack Hughes on using NacNacZn-pyridonates for ROP is accepted into Dalton Trans. First paper of many for you Jack! Great outcome from the first year of your PhD. It's available open access here.

Oct. 2023. Anna and Clement turn on their artistic flair to create the back cover image for Chem. Sci. Nice job!

Oct. 2023. Congrats to Clement, Emily, Anna, Justyna, Gary and Jurgen, our latest work on Borylation directed Borylation is out now in Chemical Science. Its available open access here: paper

Sept. 2023. Welcome to Owen who joins the group for his final year project, and welcome to Anna who is starting her PhD. linked to the boron program grant, Boron: beyond the reagent (fancy website is here: Boron)

August 2023. Welcome to Dom who joins the team as a PDRA working on using boranes in fluorination, a post in collaboration with Pfizer and Prof. Steve Thomas. Perfect timing for our summer social, where we also celebrated Emily and Justyna passing their Yr 1. vivas.

July 2023. The group's collaborative work (led in Edinburgh by Kang Yuan) with the Zysman-Colman group on Boron doped PAHs is out now in Org. Lett. See here for more.

July 2023. Milan and Mike speak at Imeboron 2023 at Rennes, great conference and well done Nojus for winning another poster prize! You're on a roll!

May 2023. Contragulations to Nojus for winning best talk in the Synthesis and Catalysis section of the Joseph Black conference. Good sales pitch on our fluorination chemistry.

May 2023. My viewpoint article on the state of play in Main Group Catalyzed Arene Borylation, along with future opportunities is out in ACS Catalysis. See here for more.

March 2023. The teams report on using amides as modifiable directing groups is published in Chem. Sci. Well done Marina, Saqib and Ismat in particular. Also nice to have contributions from two UGs on this paper and a collaboration with Prof. Chotana. See here for more.

Feb 2023. Kang's paper on alkyne trans-haloboration to make benzoxaborinines is accepted in Angew. Chem, see here for more. Great work Kang, and a good way to finish your time here in the UK. Good luck with your independent academic career in Ningbo!

Jan. 2023 - In collaboration with the Macgregor group our study into Zn FLP catalysed C-H borylation is out now in ACS Catalysis. See here for more.