The Ingleson Group

The research group is headed by Professor Mike Ingleson based in the School of Chemistry at the University of Edinburgh

The research group is focused on using complexes based on earth abundant main group elements and 3d metals to develop new catalytic reactions, organic materials and stoichiometric transformations with a particular focus on C-Y (Y = C or B) bond forming reactions. We have a particular interest in all things boron!


Latest Publication

Haloboration: scope, mechanism and utility


Review article in New. J. Chem., 2020, ASAP

S. Kirschner, K. Yuan and M. J. Ingleson*

Recent News

July 2020 - Sven and Kang's review article on haloboration is published. It's available open access here

June 2020 - the group are back in the lab (well at 50%)! Its been a long long (but necessary) wait! 

May 2020 - the group's review article on intramolecular (directed) electrophilic C-H borylation is accepted in Chem. Soc. Rev. Definitely a labour of love, thanks to the team for the massive effort on this beast. Hope the community find it useful. It's available open access here  

April 2020 - the group's work on converting alkynes into triborylated alkanes using zinc-hydrides (and boranes...) is published in Organometallics. Great work, congrats. especially to Marina for all the careful experiments getting to the bottom of this! Link for the paper is here

March 2020 - Mike in collaboration with Prof. Neil McKeown are successful in obtaining funding from the Leverhulme Trust to explore boron containing materials.

Feb 2020 - the group's work on low LUMO energy Boron-doped PAHs is accepted and is now online in Chem. Sci. Well done to all involved and thanks to the Zysman-Colman group for the great collaboration on the photophysics! Link for the paper is here.

Nov 2019 - a collaborative paper using borylated polymers for in-vivo imaging is published in ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces - link here for paper

Nov 2019 - our highlight on directed electrophilic borylation is published in Science China Chemistry - see:

Oct. 2019 - congratulations to Emily for winning the festivals scholarship to participate in 3 months of public engagement during the course of her PhD.

Oct. 2019 - Our work on directed electrophilic C-H borylation is highlighted in c&en news! see: cen news article