The Ingleson Group

The research group is headed by Professor Mike Ingleson based in the School of Chemistry at the University of Edinburgh

The research group is focused on using complexes based on earth abundant main group elements and 3d metals to develop new catalytic reactions, organic materials and stoichiometric transformations with a particular focus on C-Y (Y = C or B) bond forming reactions. We have a particular interest in all things boron!

PDRA position available starting Jan 2022 (or as soon as possible thereafter) - in making novel ditopic boron electrophiles and using them in C-H borylation. Please e-mail me if you've an appropriate background in main group/organic synthesis and are interested!


Latest Publication

Formation of a hydride containing amido-zincate using pinacolborane


Dalton Trans. 2021,ASAP

M. Uzelac, K. Yuan, G. S. Nichol and M. J. Ingleson*

Recent News

Sept. 2021 - Well done to Marina (and Kang and Gary), our work on hydrido-zincates is published in Dalton Trans. This is also my 100th paper, 20 years on since I was naive UG working in the Weller group! Link to Marina's open access paper is here

August 2021 - a group social in person - such a welcome change! Hope everyone enjoyed Axe throwing and curry! I did. Photos on group page!

May 2021 - the group's work on zincatalysed arene borylation is published in Chemical Science. Congrats to Matt in particular on his first paper! It's available open access here.

March 2021 - the group's work on controlling selectivity in N-directed electrophilic C-H borylation of indoles is out online. Good work Saqib et al! It's available open access here.

Feb. 2021 - EPSRC success! Funding for a 42 months PDRA on Al/Zn catalysed C-H borylation received in collaboration with Steve Thomas, Michael Cowley and GSK. Advert up online soon!

July 2020 - Sven and Kang's review article on haloboration is published. It's available open access here

May 2020 - the group's review article on intramolecular (directed) electrophilic C-H borylation is accepted in Chem. Soc. Rev. Definitely a labour of love, thanks to the team for the massive effort on this beast. Hope the community find it useful. It's available open access here  

April 2020 - the group's work on converting alkynes into triborylated alkanes using zinc-hydrides (and boranes...) is published in Organometallics. Great work, congrats. especially to Marina for all the careful experiments getting to the bottom of this! Link for the paper is here